This is a book that is full of stories telling what living the career of a musician is like.

The stories are from the life of the Author, who was a full time working Musician for many years. Many of the stories are funny, and entertaining, some show the “not so pretty” side of that life and attempts to tell those who WANT that life, what they can expect, especially if they are constantly on the road. The book also discusses what may be GOOD reasons for getting into this sort of life…and a number of reasons why the life of a musician should most likely not be attempted by some. The Author will tell the reader exactly what SHOULD be the impetus for becoming a musician, and what should NOT be what pushes someone in that direction. She also describes the family she grew up with, what life was like being with her fairly unusual parents, and how this environment served to ready her for a life that was at times unruly, full of uncertainties , usually called for putting on a brave face no matter what occurred, and to call forward an ability to march ahead with a never-ending sense of adventure, wonder and the always joyful willingness to learn from those who had come before. This Author truly believes …one should also be willing to share some kinds of learning with others who would benefit. To this end, this book will have ALL its proceeds donated to two Cancer Research Foundations, which are donor based, and making a difference to thousands and thousands of souls in need of this sort of help. This will be donated to honor the Author’s two loved ones, who made a real difference in her life, who both left this earth after having suffered horribly from two different Cancers. She genuinely hopes they did not die…only to end up being of no help to others who are hit with these horrors. It is NOT what they would have wanted. Neither of them. They would both, WANT to help end the suffering. She promised them, that she WOULD help. No one but his family, and the people of his hometown will know who Jeremy John Dennis was, but to this Author, it is unfortunate that many will know exactly who Jeff Ross Hyman..aka Joey Ramone was. His name was NOT used when this book was written in 2009…and she feels rather reticent about naming him now….but understands, his name will essentially be of significant help, and he’d be MORE than proud of that…even though he was quite secretive about their relationship during the years they were seeing each other

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