“Welcome Nevard Tellalian to the top rank of rock’n’roll memoirists.  It’s a wonder that a book can be so honest, intense, revealing and raw, yet so funny, instructional — and discreet. The reader is hurled into the wild life of a woman on the road with the boys in the band, and also gets the backstory that explains the values, lessons and insights that allowed this blues-belting hellion to not only survive but prevail."

--Burt Kearns -- American television and film producer, writer, director, journalist and author-known for his pioneering, influential work. Author of the book "Tabloid Baby".


"As someone who has made movies about musicians, I can tell you that Nevard's book has the aroma of certainty, the weight of experience and a sense of humor that only comes from flying by the seat of your pants for a very long time. I would recommend this great read for anyone who would like the unerring view of a touring musician's life and who isn't too delicate to survive it. The road rat life isn't for the squeamish. Would you like to know exactly what fuels the passion for creating and caring? You'll find the answer inside Musical Road Kills." 

-- Orian Williams -- Award-winning producer for the films Control, England Is Mine, Big Sur, Shadow Of The Vampire and others.  


" This book shows the highs and lows of a life in music... something only a musician who has lived it would know. I dare anyone to get to the end of Joey Ramone with dry eyes. Joey was someone I knew and he was loved by every person that he came in contact with. Nevard brought him back to life and showed his TRUE nature,with a love that is unconditional, exposing, funny and heartbreaking. 

- - Ross "The Boss" Friedman -- Leader, guitar and keyboard player of the New RTB Band, Manitoba NYC, and Death Dealer. A founding member and guitar player for The Dictators. Founding member, guitar player, and songwriter for MANOWAR. Recent inductee into the Heavy Metal Hall of History.

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